Open Wineries Day in Montefalco - May

Open Wineries Day in Montefalco is the food and wine event that changed the relationship between wine, consumption and the territory in Italy. In a world dominated by the industrialized food sector and by the growing distance between producers and consumers, Open Wineries Day breaks the mould, taking guests visiting Umbria where grapes are grown and wine created and aged. Consumers become wine lovers and enthusiasts. In Montefalco, Open Wineries Day is not only a journey into the tasting of the gems of Umbrian wine-growing, likeWhite Grechetto, Torgiano Red and Trebbiano wine from the Martani hills, but a wine-making experience. On the last Sunday of May visitors will encounter master vine-dressers who share their ancient knowledge handed down through the centuries, who know about the land and the rose-bushes on the hills that, by tradition, stand guard over the vines.

The heart of Open Wineries Day, which involves more than 800 Italian vine growers and moves a mass of more than a million wine enthusiasts, is Montefalco, the so-called “Balcony of Umbria”, a splendid Medieval village positioned high on the hill that opens up onto the valley of the Topino and Clitunno rivers.

The small city is celebrated throughout the world for its famous Sagrantino di Montefalco, a harmonious Dogc wine made from a variety that is almost 500 years old, with violet highlights and the flavour of blackberries. Visitors to Montefalco mustn’t miss the frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli in the fourteenth-century church of St. Francis, the Nativity of Perugino and the frescoes by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the monastery of Sant’Agostino.

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